Private IP Links Accessing from Public IP

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Private IP Links Accessing from Public IP

Post by RocketRanger » Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:18 am

Accessing the Twonky Server Pages from external was easy to setup and successful.

Using the static links like "MUSIC" "PHOTOS" "VIDEOS" revealed a obvious problem.... Your private IP is in the static links.
Example: "" Instead of ""

Problem sounds very common reading this forum. My solution was a little different warranting a new thread.............

All attempts to edit the ini file in the Twonky folder directly resulted in the same problems. I stopped and started the TWONKY service each time the ini file was altered. No effect..............

Reading the "ReadMe.TXT", there is a mention of editing the ini file and saving in a "UTF-16" char-set format. Apparently NOTEPAD in windows messes with the original format making it somwhat corrupt. Changes done work well.....

-You know how to configure port forwarding at your router to support this added service
-You can access the TWONKY main page from the public IP address (Supported by previous assumption...)
-You know your public IP address

Removing the ini file from the TWONKY program folder and restarting the server recreates a fresh UTF-16 copy. I then stuck to the TWONKY built in configuration "NETWORK" panel to set my desired HTTPREMOTEPORT and DYNDNS settings:
Example: I am not using a Dynamic IP address service, so a static IP was used and I chose to use the standard port 80.

DYNDNS= (Note no port was used on the URL since the default of 80 is used at my router)

Note above parameter names are friendlier in the TWONKY NETWORK config page............

All changes were made from the TWONKY configuration screens only. This keeps the ini file UTF-16 char-set intact. I am sure there is a proper text editor out there. I didn't need it for my simple fix.

Accessing the URL: http:\\ returns the TWONKY main menu with the proper prefix in the static links.

Hope this helps. I wasted some good valuable time on this one....... Nice app now that this works!!!!


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Re: Private IP Links Accessing from Public IP

Post by alanimal » Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:50 pm

howdy! do you know how I can edit this ini file on my QNAP TS-251?

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Re: Private IP Links Accessing from Public IP

Post by Xadex » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:03 pm

Old post, but finally I've found the answer for normal remote access to my library!
One question. How can I filter type of content for remote access to music only? For example, I've tried mediatypefilter=M or mediatypefilter=m without success.

P.S. I am missing 64bit Linux version 8.0
P.S.S. I am glad that the forum is alive again