Basic Beginner help needed please !

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Basic Beginner help needed please !

Post by wellhouse » Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:00 pm

Can someone please advise where I can get some basic (and I mean novice) information from. I have 750 Gb of music on an external hard drive and I want to be able to play it through my hi-fi system (I have a Denon amp) and ideally be able to choose music/navigate from my plasma screen as opposed to my computer. I have downloaded the free trial version but have not had much success. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Basic Beginner help needed please !

Post by riethmueller » Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:48 pm

TwonkyVision is an UPnP Media Server. You need an UPnP media render (e.q. Roku M1001 - which can access the server, M1001 is a stand alone device, you need no additional display. Here ... vices.html you find examples of other devices or software renders ...

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Re: Basic Beginner help needed please !

Post by nutts » Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:40 am


I do something similar... I have a NAS serving music via my Denon AMP and I choose which music to play via a menu on my plasma screen.

It's depends on which Denon AMP you have though... :?

And when you say "an external hard drive", so you mean attached to your PC or is it a NAS?

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Re: Basic Beginner help needed please !

Post by jmusick » Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:47 am

I absolutely echo the plea for assistance!! :)
It seems that this is a good & popular product, but I must say that for a rank beginner (even a tech-friendly beginner), it is extremely difficult to find some accurate information/documentation on how to proceed.

Topics that would be great to have advice on (and I'll post what I've found thus far):

1. Importing playlists
a) Is importing from iTunes the only option, or are there other ways to import "hand created" .m3u playlists (from MediaMonkey, for example)?
Considering that many MP3 geeks (myself included) have been increasingly finding iTunes unweildy to work with (horrendous on PC's in terms of resource consumption, etc) seems awful if this is the *only* way to handle playlist creation.
-- What I've done thus far --
I created an .m3u playlist from MediaMonkey, placed it in a 'playlist' directory, and added this as a "content location" in the TwonkyVision Configuration screen - it does NOT appear to work thus far

2. Networked drives (NAS drives)
a) what is the proper way to access them?
-- What I've done thus far --
I have a NAS drive mapped to a letter (Z: for example) - I then entered this in the TwonkyVision Configuration screen as a content location - it did NOT work
So then I tried using the "network name" (\\NASStorageDrive\share\music) and it DID work. I will re-try the drive letter to make sure I didn't inadvertently fix the problem some other way, but it seems that the mapped drive letter doesn't work, but the "network name" method does work.

3. "Push" media streaming
a) I read a post by a Twonky product manager espousing the greatness of push streaming - is this available for AV receivers, such as a Denon 5308, or only for the devices that were specifically mentioned in that post? I must say that the Denon's interface is absolutely horrible (both the small screen on the unit, as well as the web accessible location) - so I am really trying to find a better interface for getting the music to the Denon. Actually - Twonky's interface could use a wee bit of usability-love, not sure if anyone has mentioned this and/or asked it to be on the roadmap. Even w/out changing a bit of functionality, adding some "getting started" examples (beyond the PDF, which didn't help much) and a little bit of UX improvement, would go a LONG way.
-- ANSWER --
It turns out this post was in the Twonky Media Manager (TMM) forum, rather than in the Twonky Vision forum - when I searched for "playlist" (trying to solve question #1 above) it returned cross-thread results and I had thought I was scoping search by where I was. Oh well - at least 1 of the 3 questions had a quick answer!

Thanks for any help/advice - I took a leap of faith and purchased the product based on reputation and am now hoping that I can work out the "ramp-up" process and start using it as it deserves to be.