2nd TMS instance

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2nd TMS instance

Post by linux_segler » Sun May 24, 2009 12:20 pm

I want to start a 2nd instance of TwonkyMedia Server. The 1st one should only display mp3 files, the 2nd one only flac. Both are stored in different directories like ...\Music\mp3 and ...\Music\flac.

The ReadMe in C:\Program Files (x86)\TwonkyMedia tells, one can install Twonky as service start a second instance by typing:

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twonkymedia -installandstart 1
Ok, there is no twonkymedia.exe so I tried twonkymediaserver.exe. The program starts, telling me it will write log messages to TwonkyMediaServer-log.txt, creates "(1)twonkymedia-server.ini", (1)db.info" and the directory "(1)db" but does'nt exit at all. The only way to go back to the cli prompt is Crtl-C which will stop the server.

Does anybody know how to use these parameters correctly to start 2 instances. I'm using 64bit Vista Home Premium and started the above command with and without UAC, with and without "start as Administrator".

Cheers, and thx in advance

PS: do I have to bye a new license to do this?

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Re: 2nd TMS instance

Post by Kruge » Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:03 pm

Is there a solution on that?