TMS 5.1.2 released

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TMS 5.1.2 released

Post by twonky-christian » Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:52 pm

Just click on the Server tab to see it.

TMS 5.1.2 is now available!

The primary goal of this release was to improve performance issues that have been encountered with the 5.0 release.

For the time being, the setup packages for different platforms including release notes are available at

This release offers all server features included in the 5.0 release with the exception of off-the-shelf WMDRM support along with the additional features listed below:

· Background Transcoding

Some media formats cannot be transcoded on the fly at all, others require a high performance platform. We therefore introduced background transcoding that is pre-transcoding media whenever the platform is not busy with other tasks. This is based on the same plugin-architecture as the on-the-fly transcoding. Desired output formats, available space and CPU utilization can be configured.

· Removable media

TMS 5.1 allows sharing content stored on removable media like USB storage devices or network drives. The availability of removable media is automatically detected.

Use case examples include

· Utilize devices that do not have any internal storage as media server – removable media only (e.g. routers)

· Removable media as add-on storage (e.g. for NAS)

· Stream content from network drives through PC server

· View configuration

TMS supports multiple views (navigation trees) on the same content.

From TMS 5.1 onwards views can be selected per client device. A default view per device can be assigned in the client database.

· SQLite

Our own home-grown DB implementation was replaced by SQLite to align with other PV products. Due to performance reasons, utilization of the DB is however restricted to persistent storage of metadata.

· Native DLNA certification support

In earlier versions, a specific configuration was necessary for the certification process. In TMS 5.1 this process has been streamlined to allow certification taking place in the default configuration including support for upload. TMS 5.1 passes DLNA CTT

· Windows 7 compliance

TMS 5.1 has been tested by Microsoft against their Win7 compliance test suite and passed all tests. That means WMP as DMP can utilize TMS 5.1.

· Enhanced user experience with Sony Bravia TVs

Through cooperation with Sony in Germany and Spain we managed to enhance the browsing experience with Sony Bravia TVs significantly. Users no longer need to select the content type twice. When TMS is for example selected after selecting music in the main menu of the Bravia TV, it will directly provide the music navigation tree.

Thanks to all our beta testers to help us with this release
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Re: TMS 5.1 released

Post by Twonky_Rick » Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:17 pm

Here are some more details about the changes in 5.1.1

More Changes
- WMDRM support for Win32 is back
- Improved file scanner performance
- Improved cgi-jpegscale performance
- Added support ImportResource for DLNA uploads
- Added support for pause/resume for videos on Samsung TVs
- Eliminated WMP11 dependency caused by WMDRM support
- No admin rights needed for tray app anymore (no elevation required on VISTA and Win7)
- Playlist management with TMM is back
- Updated MPEG2 and MP4 parser to enable more DLNA profiles
- Server passes again the CTT tool

Bug fixes
- Heavy CPU usage when adding or deleting media files fixed
- On PS3 the date for pictures does not include time information
- Cross site scripting vulnarability fixed
- Fixed problems with some MPEG2 profiles not correctly identified
- Fixed problems with playlists not syncing properly after database rebuild
- Fixed the problem where TMM created playlists were deleted after a database rebuild
- Fixed the problem where folder.jpg is case sensistive on linux
- Fixed the problem where thumbnail art for movies was no longer shown
- Fixed the problem where the console on MacOS is spammed by "OS does not support evented filesystem" messages
- Fixed the problem where transcoded files are not being cleaned up after original file is removed
- Fixed the problem where metadata is not preserved when upgrading TMM

New Clients Supported
+ Lacie LaCinema HD
+ Orange Music Player
+ Denon S-302
+ Denon AVR-4308
+ Netgear EVA 2000
+ Sagem My Web Tuner 500
+ Sagem My Dual Radio 700
+ Samsung TV
+ Kodak EX-811 (detected, but issues with the navigation)
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