HP Dreamscreen & Twonky

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HP Dreamscreen & Twonky

Post by brhamilt » Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:30 am

I bought an HP Dreamscreen not long ago.

Some of the initial hands-ons and interviews listed it as UPNP DLNA compliant. However, now that I have one, the reality is that it ONLY worked with the media sharing function of WMP. I already have a NAS and did not want to leave a computer on just for WMP.

I tried the latest Twonky version (5.1 I guess) and treated the dreamscreen as a windows device and it was able to see the server, but would crash when trying to play files. I can browse directory structures (empty), but when I get to a directory with files inside I have problems.. Dreamscreen just hangs up and requires a hard reset. Only windows type device settings in Twonky would result in the Dreamscreen detecting the server.

So... I eventually found that I could use Twonky 4.4.18 and treat the device as an XBOX360, and it will see music and photos. There is no album art, and some Exif data causes Twonky problems (I think it is twonky) with photos. If there is no Exif data, pictures are sent to the Dreamscreen and it scales them as it should. Lots of Exif data and Twonky appears to only send the thumbnail from the jpg, which has horrible resolution when scaled up by the dreamscreen.

So I dont really have a question, just would like to state what I have found so that hopefully maybe a future Twonky can support the HP Dreamscreen properly and fully. I have also hated on HP's support boards about how the device isnt actually compliant, but honestly I dont expect them to ever fix it. They don't claim on the packaging it should be, but their marketing people didnt stop reviewers and testers from saying publicly it was.

Thanks All!

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HP Dreamscreen

Re: HP Dreamscreen & Twonky

Post by clnilsen » Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:02 am

I also came on here to say I have used Twonkyserver for quite some time, and was excited when I got one of these screens from my wife for Christmas. I was very much looking forward to streaming mp3s and pictures from my server to this device.

Alas, it appears that this HP PoS won't work with my WHS running Twonky. :x

If anyone can or does figure out a way to get these two devices to play nice together, I know I woudl be highly appreciative!

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Re: HP Dreamscreen & Twonky

Post by Jellen00 » Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:22 am

For reference, Twonkey Media was the closest to working. I used the Windows Media approximators in it's advanced device settings, and was able to get the Dreamscreen to see the server and browse high level directories. When I got to the bottom level of a directory where music files resided, the Dreamscreen would lock up, requiring a hard reset. (i was using the latest twonky available, 5. something.)
The firmware updates have really helped the usability of the Dreamscreen, and operation is much smoother.
The DLNA / UPNP issue is big for me, though. Some of the previews / reviews for the device apparently were not policed well by HP's marketing dept. Lots of them state DLNA UPNP compliance, but on the box and in the manual and in operation of the device, it's not really compliant (not stating compliance is the same as non-compliance). That is really the only thing I am majorly dissappointed about.
All I am using the device for at the moment is a bedroom pandora radio. I dont have enough time to create special versions of files and manually copy to the device, or to move all my 10MP photos to snapfish. I have low res pics on facebook though, but I have to jump through hoops for audio for a slideshow. I already had a transcoding capable DLNA / UPNP server, which I thought was enough. Ooops.
Hp seems to be supporting the device, which is great. But to be a convergence device, it has too many limitations right now, and convergence is about freedom. I love the hardware though, and it is awesome as a Pandora radio. Beats the heck out of tying up my laptop for Pandora.


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Re: HP Dreamscreen & Twonky

Post by lar282 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:30 am

dreamscreen thread here. Still not working



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Re: HP Dreamscreen & Twonky

Post by ailiah27 » Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:48 am

It does not work on me too....
Please help.....