Navtree and XML file (navigate by Albumartist tag)

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Navtree and XML file (navigate by Albumartist tag)

Post by bubar » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:07 pm

bonjour from la France,

I try to customize the nagivation tree (under XP with TMS 5.1.1RC3). My first observation in this XML :

Code: Select all

    	<container id='music'>
			<link id='music/artists' />
			<link id='music/albumartists' />
			<link id='music/composers' />
			<link id='music/albums' />
			<link id='music/folders' />
the line "music/albumartists" does'nt work.(does not appear in the twonkymedia browser) this id is referenced on the view configuration documentation. is there a problem with this tag ? (Of course, I verified the tag of my file (flac) and the data in twonky.db file)
another remark about : if a tag is blank (by exemple composers) and if I choose to list the song by composer in the twonkymedia browser, I can navigate by composer but there is no "unknow" category. (for blank composer tag). Is-it normal ?

thank for your help.