YouTube only showing first 4 in MY FAVORITE VIDEOS

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YouTube only showing first 4 in MY FAVORITE VIDEOS

Post by clow » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:51 pm

I've been doing some testing with 5.1.2. I wasn't able to see any of My Favorite Youtube videos under 5.0.61, however I'm getting better results under 5.1.2. However, it is really strange. I have 12 videos marked in my Youtube account as favorites. Under the configuration of TwonkyMedia Server, I've put in my userid for Youtube and checked off the boxes of the folder I want to see including My Favorite Videos.

However, when I view the folder named My Favorite Videos under YouTube, I only get four of my 12 favorites. The four listed are the first 4 in alphabetical order. They aren't the oldest or most recent. So it seems that Twonky is processing all my favorites, sorting them alphabetically, but only displaying the first 4.

I'm using Windows XP and using the Media Browser from the Media Server Settings. I'm also using IE 8.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Craig