Cant get mms links to work.

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Cant get mms links to work.

Post by Umbra » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:42 pm

As far as i understand it mms links are supported by Twonky but i cant get them to work.
I have this in my play list :

#EXTINF:-1,Technobase FM
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Seven
#EXTINF:-1,Mix Megapol Low

The ones with http shows up when i go to but the mms one dont show up.
Its the same in my XBox360 the http ones is listed but not the mms one.
Im using Twonky Version 4.4.18 in linux(xUbuntu) since i dont know how to get web radio working in later versions... And i cant get the web interface working in 5.1.3beta

Any help would be nice :-)