Windows Home Server Remote Access

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Windows Home Server Remote Access

Post by rahulvij » Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:35 pm

Hi Everyone,
First the Back-Story -
I use to run TwonkyMedia Server from my Asus WL-500W Router & recently moved to WHS. I have TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.2 running on my WHS box flawlessly . It streams to all my receivers at home all is well and good.
I have remote access enabled to my WHS and i can access my remote website using https as port 80 is blocked by my ISP. I can access my machines n my shares via web.
Now the Question -
Since the Twonky web access runs on port 9000 i can access it internally using http://<server-name>:9000 just fine. but same is not true for remote access. I've forwarded the port 9000 on my router and I am sure that the port is not blocked by my ISP. but I cannot access twonky site using https://<name>
Does the web access needs more ports than 9000 or it is simply not plumbed internally to do it.

So lets assume someone here gives me the steps to access it via the internet. Now my second request is to create a sub website which is https://<name> instead of accessing it via a port number and somehow make it accessible to only users who log-in to the web-site & not a public access.
Anyone having any idea what i am talking about?

I read through the "Enableweb streaming how-to" sticky but it talks about 4.4 version and it is not usable for 5.1.2 version for two reasons
1. There is no c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\roaming\twonkymedia folder anymore therefore no way to access Twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini in that folder & in C:\TwonkyMedia there is no Twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini file only twonkymedia-server-default.ini file which does not seems to work.
2. There is only one option in Advanced->Network Configuration section which is to restart on NIC changes.

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Re: Windows Home Server Remote Access

Post by DaemonBeetle » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:05 am

I see you're using HTTP internally but trying HTTPS externally. What if you try HTTP externally too?