Odd problem with list of artists (Genre/Artist)

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Odd problem with list of artists (Genre/Artist)

Post by michelr » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:19 pm

Alright, I've been fighting with this for a few days and it's driving me nuts.


- TwonkyServer 6.0 running on Acer H340 (Windows Home Server)
- D-Link DSM-520 for playback

When I go to "Genre/Artist", I select a genre that has something like 84 artists listed. If I scroll down the list, everything looks fine until I hit the artists starting with a "T". The "T" listing is fine, but then I get a listing of 4 artists starting with I, K and L (there's no artist starting with "J" in that genre, so its absence is probably not related.) Then anything from S to Z is NOT listed. Note that the I, K, L artists were also listed in order, in the right place, earlier in the listing - so basically these four are there twice.

To make things even weirder, SOMETIMES the listing is correct - no out of order listing, no missing artist. Then it's up to "luck". If I go back to that genre, the listing may or may not be wrong - though more often than not, it's wrong.

I thought I had fixed this on Saturday when I was looking at the artist tags and found one for a split album (two artists splitting an album in two). The band names were separated by a forward slash (/). After I changed the "/" to the word "and", the listing looked fine, and looked fine until this afternoon, when it started acting up again.

This listing looks fine if I run TwonkyMedia 4.4.18 from a Windows 7 PC (which I really, really want to replace by the home server for media streaming purposes - otherwise the server is really just an expensive hard disk.) In fact I've been running TwonkyMedia for some 3 years off Vista 32bit and then Windows 7 64bit and cannot recall ever encountering such a problem.

This makes me think that there may be some encoding problem when running off Windows Home Server (which is essentially a home version of Windows Server 2003.)

The listing always looks fine if I use the browser from the TwonkyServer config page in the web browser.

Has anyone else encountered similar problems and found a solution? I'm wondering if some characters are not handled well by the TwonkyServer+WHS combination since, as I mentioned, I never had such problems running off more recent versions of Windows. There are bands from various parts of the world, so accented characters are not uncommon (I have a few thousand songs with accented characters.)

Note that I've tried rescanning, rebuilding, reinstalling, even stripping accented characters for bands that seemed problematic.

Any help would be much appreciated.