Pictures are slow on Xbox

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Pictures are slow on Xbox

Post by aaxell » Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:43 am

I am trying to access with an Xbox my picture library, which shared on a WD My Book World. It loads just few thumbnails, then skips some, all different every time. If I press on a skipped thumbnail, it may load it, but next time it may not load it. Overall, loading of thumbnails is very very slow.

I tried the server settings (Media receivers - disable automatic sharing for new devices), and the issue is the same for all consoles (PS3, Wii). When I choose any console, thumbnails load very slow and some pictures do not load. When I choose any other device, thumbnails load fast but when I press on it, the console loads a low-definition picture (I suppose, just an enlarged thumbnail).

Automatic sharing for new devices does not solve the problem.

By the way, when I use media browser in TwonkyMedia settings, all thumbnails and photos load just fine.

Anyone experiencing the same? Maybe there are some hidden settings or a secret device to try?

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Re: Pictures are slow on Xbox

Post by Georg » Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:18 pm

I'd suspect that the speed of your WD causes the slow rescaling. Those devices aren't too powerful, but by design DLNA leaves rescaling etc. to the server. With these network attached hard discs in most cases the client is more powerful.

The good message is that you can reconfigure twonky to leave rescaling to the client. For this you need to edit ressources/clients.db. And that is the bad news, as you need either telnet or ssh access to your device. The other possibility would be to edit the clients.db within the installation files before you (re)install twonky.

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