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TwonkyServer Transcoding Architecture

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:08 pm
by amunoz_tico
Hi friends!

I found a very interesting document named "Twonky Transcoding Architecture", I thought it could be useful for everybody. The document explains setting and tips to custom the transcoding. ... 1208634481

We require more information and support by Twonky's Team in order to understand the variables, formats and codecs supported by Twonky through the transcoding process.

A couple of comments & questions:

A) $infile and $outfile are the input filename and the output filename for any transcoding command. I would like to know if Twonky has a second input file in order to support subtitles during the transcoding. The first input is the name of the video and the second could be the name of the subtitle. If not, that kind of improvement could be consider in the future.

For example, we could use MEncoder to join a video with its subtitle and streaming it to the player. It could remove the problems with many players that not support subtitles with Twonky like some Samsung and Sony devices.

Take a look to the following command line.

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mencoder "mytest.divx" -oac copy -ovc lavc -of mpeg -vf harddup -sub "" -font "verdana.ttf" -subfont-autoscale 2 -o "mytest-mencoder.m2ts"
MEncoder takes my test video ("mytest.divx") with subtitles (""), and I got a final video based on MPEG-2 (M2TS) format that can be read it by my Sony Blu-Ray Player S370 and my Samsung HDTV C7000. You can change the font ("verdana.ttf") to any one. There are more setting available, I just took the basic ones. Also, you can change the output format.

Type "mencoder -oac help" and get the audio codecs supported. Or "mencoder -ovc help" for video codecs supported. And so on. Also, you can visited the oficial website:

B) "transcoding.db" is a table that describes all potential target ("transcoded") formats for a given media. However, the posted document does not have enough information to modify the file according to our needs. Could Twonky Team post more information, setting, and tips?


Re: TwonkyServer Transcoding Architecture

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:56 pm
by amunoz_tico
Here one more MEncoder example: