Denon 3808 needs Twonky

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Denon 3808 needs Twonky

Post by ScribeTribe » Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:31 am

One of the reasons I bought the Denon 3808CI was for its network capability via Ethernet. However, Denon's own internal media server ("Denon Network Audio") very rarely finds my Vista PC. Others have had similar issues. Things to try include:
  • Ensure that Windows Media Player is running before booting the receiver
  • Ensure that the Windows service, "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" is ON
  • Denon support recommends turning OFF UPnP on your router
  • Check that your firewall is not blocking something needed
  • Try restarting Windows Media Player and the Nework Sharing Service
However, after fussing around with the above and other tests, I still find that the Denon just very rarely locates my PC. However, it plays Internet radio, so it's got an OK connection to the Internet; it's just not registering my PC.

So...Enter Twonky. Twonky Media Server 4.9 or Twonky Media Manager 1.0 always find my PC music! Hooray!

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