How To Switch Off Facebook Live Notifications?

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How To Switch Off Facebook Live Notifications?

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Facebook Live option mostly irritates people instead of being helpful. After all, and whenever any of the people you follow comes live, you get a notification for the same. This might divert your mind from doing any work. So go through the given below blog carefully to know about the methods of switching off Facebook Live Notifications.

Best ways to switch off Facebook Live Notifucations

The method of switching off every FB notification for Live videos on Facebook site

Firstly, go to
Then, if required, log into your account.
After that, click the down arrow which is placed towards the right side. Click on the Notifications options. It will be situated leftwards.
Press on Edit option.
Under the Live Videos, press On option.
Lastly, click on Suggestions Off or All Off. According to your preference.
The method of disabling all FB Notifications for Live videos on the Facebook App

Firstly, go to the Facebook app.
Then, if needed, log into the account.
Click on the menu.
Press on Settings and Privacy.
Click on Notification Settings.
Press on Live Video.
Click on the Allow Notifications on Facebook. In this way, turn it off. Note that, after switching it off- it will change to gray from blue color.
Note: It can be possible that you may find the option of Live notifications options helpful and doesn’t like the push notifications. In such a situation, you can click on Push to switch it off. Remember that, after switching it off, it will turn into gray from blue. Resulting, you will only get Push notifications. You’ll just get Live videos option whenever you start Facebook.

Lastly, press on OK to permit that you wish to switch off the Live video notifications.
The method of closing Facebook notifications of Live videos for a specific friend

Remember! The users can switch off notifications of the Live videos for a particular person only by the Live video posts of that friend.

Firstly, look for the Live video post of that selected friend. For instance, you can get it by visiting their profile. It can even be done for any Facebook page.
Then, click on the three circles that are placed together near the video that is Live.
Lastly, click on Turn off Live notifications from its dropdown list.
Note: If in future you want to switch on the Live notifications, then you need to do the same steps as mentioned above, but instead of Turn off Live notifications you require to click on Turn on Live notifications. | | | | | | | |

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