Samsung C-Series TV and JPEGs

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Samsung C-Series TV and JPEGs

Post by continentalrider » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:22 am


I have problems streaming JPEGs from my Twonkyserver to a Samsung C-Series TV (PS50C6500).
Twonky release is 6.0.32 running either on Win XP or a Linux box.
I want to use the auto-rotate feature of the "convert" utility in the "cgi-bin" directory and therefore disabled the "cgi-jpegscale" binary (which I couldn't get to work). Transcoding is enabled via the Web-If of Twonky. This works fine via the Web-If of Twonky on any PC in the network. When fetching the JPEGs from the TV, all the pics in portrait format will not be autorotated (this is surprisingly also the case when using Twonkys Flash Interface).
But when streaming the pictures via the Samsung "PC Share Mangager", all pictures are shown in their native orientation. So I would assume that there is a setting issue within Twonky even though I've tried more ore less all suggestions I have found on the web so far. I've even built "ImageMagick" on my linux box to have a recent version of "convert", adjusting the path for "convert" in "convert.location" with no effect. Tweaking "clients.db" didn't show any effects neither.

Any suggestions on this topic? Could I help with any Wireshark-logs logging network traffic between Twonky and the TV? What do I have to log?

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