Netgear EVA 700 Digital Entertainer

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Netgear EVA 700 Digital Entertainer

Post by maple005 » Sun Jul 08, 2007 8:07 am

Hi, I hope someone can help. I am running Twonky 4.4 on a SYnology DS207, coupled with a Netgear EVA 700 Digital Entertainer. Its all connected via a wired network (so no wireless issues), managed by a Belkin router.

Though the EVA 700 sees Twonky on the DS207, when ever I try slideshow the photos it seems to stick on the first piccy. No matter how long i leave it or which button on the EVA remote I push (oftem get an Invalid reaction fron the EVA) it doesnt slide show.

I assuem its an issue with the software / hardware combo as I have "Imyhome" set up on a dumb PC, onthe same network, and that streams pics, video, music to the EVA with full button functionality and slide show.

Any thoughts / hints / tips?


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Post by J@n » Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:21 pm

Hi Maple,

I have Eva myself and used it briefly for viewing pictures. It worked like a charm. I stopped streaming pics from Twonky because it uses up a huge amount of memory on my DS101j. A few things you can try (verify):

1. Have you installed the latest firmware on Eva? It should be dated april 2006 and can be found through the menu on Eva.

2. Did you check or uncheck the option in Twonky to disable picture rescaling? It is set in Advanced Setup > Miscellaneous > Disable Picture Rescaling.

BTW What amount of memory is available on your NAS and how much is taken up by Twonky for photo's (disbale photo's and see how much Twonky uses then). Might be a memory problem on your DS.



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Streaming: Synology DS101j (320 GB) for Music and Pictures (hardly); Synology DS106e (500 GB) for Video using Wizd (sorry...only can afford one license TM) Player: Netgear EVA-700 (The SL50i has died)

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