EVA700 doesn't connect to Twonky

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EVA700 doesn't connect to Twonky

Post by hoffie » Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:30 am


I've installed Twonky 4.4 on my Thecus N5200 NAS. Everything is running as expected, my media files are indexed and the Twonky server client page shows the Netgear Digital Entertainer in the client list.
On my netgear box, however, the twonky server doesn't show up. My windows media server (which runs on a windows box installed on the same network as the Thecus box) shows up immediately without further configuration.

Am I missing something? Does the Twonky server need additional configuration to connect to the netgear device?

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Post by J@n » Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:00 pm

Hi Roeland,

AFAIK there is no additional configuration needed for Twonky to see Eva. I have a Synology DS101j with Twonky 4.4 and Eva finds it without problems. That said, does your Eva connect through wire or Wifi? I personally had some problems with Wifi but after changing to wire all went well. It does, however, takes Eva some time to find the server. In my case about 20 seconds.

Just a thought: Is it possible to install Twonky on your Windows machine to see if Eva finds that?

Good luck


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