Can the MP115 be controled by a upnp control point?

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Can the MP115 be controled by a upnp control point?

Post by murfett-au » Wed Sep 26, 2007 6:43 am

I have two Netgear MP101 s, and they work well with my Twonky music server running on my Mac Mini. I understand that the upnp protocol has three parts: Renders (such as the MP101 and MP115) ; Servers (such as Twonky) and Control Points (such as Cidero or a Nokia N95). Control points tell renderers to pull a particular song off a particular upnp server and play it at a particular volume.

My main issue with the MP101 is that even though they connect to a upnp server and play the music, they can't be controlled by a upnp control point. They can only be controlled using the supplied Netgear remote control.

This is difficult to find out, as the user manual on the netgear web site only says they are "upnp compliant", which does not tell us whether or not they have implemented the upnp control point protocol - they may have just implemented the upnp renderer part of the protocol.

Has anyone made the MP115 play a particular song using their N95, cidero, marantz remote or any other upnp control point?

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