Can I reset all the album art in the "albumart" fo

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Can I reset all the album art in the "albumart" fo

Post by Json » Sat Feb 09, 2008 7:58 pm

I have somehow managed to get some botched up album art links in my library.
The result is that when I browse the collection using the twonky webb GUI some albums have a question mark where the album art is supposed to be displayed.

I have managed to find out that these images are supposed to be stored in a directory called "albumart" that the web server reads, but I have not found any way of actually getting to that directory, or clear it (yes I am a noob :oops: :wink: )

I have deleted the album(s) in question and re-ripped them (including album art) but the question mark is still there.
I have also tried to rescan content directories and rebuild the database from scratch, but it doesn't help.

I am running twonky server version 4.4.3 on a ReadyNas NV+.

Any ideas?

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