MP101 and Album information

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MP101 and Album information

Post by iwilliam » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:19 am


I have connected my MP101 up to the latest version of Twonky and everything works fine except for one littel thing - when I browse by Artist, then select the artist all the tracks are lsited staright away rather than showing teh albums first. I have to admit this is the first time that I have used both the MP101 and Twonky so it could well be that I have missed something obvious - could someone point me in the right direction to get albums to appear under artists on the MP101 ?



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Re: MP101 and Album information

Post by Schnitzelbrain » Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:57 am

u have to set the "extendet Standart Navigation in the Musictree setup (at the bottom)
Than do a restart of ur server.

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Re: MP101 and Album information

Post by leopold » Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:00 pm

That's one way of doing it, but the method I use is to use the folder structure to browse instead. If your folders are organised like this, then it'll work:

Code: Select all

|- Ann Artist
|     |- First Album
|     |- Second Album
|- Anna Nother
|     |- Anna's Album
Set up your menu structure as "Custom" and set the "Artists" search element as "Folder" and restart the server. Now when you browse by Artist, you're effectively browsing the folder structure. I find this works better because you don't end up with every single artist, and your compilation albums work better.

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