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Netgear MP101 & Twonky

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:29 pm
by Commifreak

i installed trhe Twonkyserver by an idea from the netgear support to play I-Net Radio.

I have the newest stable Twonky rel: Version 4.4.9

The Webradio works, but i have problems by using Playlists.

In the directories setup i set up a dir "pls" with "all contents" an has reread the lists.

But tze mp101 doesnt show any playlist by selecting playlists on the menu.

How i can use playlists? some special format? (i tried wmp exported playlists, and the pls format)

Re: Netgear MP101 & Twonky

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:12 am
by OJTwonky
Hi there,

I have playlists as M3U extension and they work fine on my MP101. I even have a playlist with my preferred web radios and it works fine too. As you may know, you can create/edit playlists with .M3U extension directly on any text editor. I have been using this technique without a glitch on my MP101 and Twonky for quite some time.

Here is a sample template with 10 songs.

#EXTINF:001,Kiss - Got To Choose
01 - Got To Choose.mp3
#EXTINF:002,Kiss - Parasite
02 - Parasite.mp3
#EXTINF:218,Kiss - Goin' Blind
03 - Goin' Blind.mp3
#EXTINF:211,Kiss - Hotter Than Hell
04 - Hotter Than Hell.mp3
#EXTINF:135,Kiss - Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll
05 - Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll.mp3
#EXTINF:198,Kiss - All The Way
06 - All The Way.mp3
#EXTINF:225,Kiss - Watchin' You
07 - Watchin' You.mp3
#EXTINF:232,Kiss - Mainline
08 - Mainline.mp3
#EXTINF:159,Kiss - Comin' Home
09 - Comin' Home.mp3
#EXTINF:199,Kiss - Strange Ways
10 - Strange Ways.mp3

Put the file "yourplaylist.M3U" in the same folder where your the songs are, when twonky starts, it will scan and populate playlists for you. The playlist for webradios is a little different in structure. I don't remember it right now. :lol: The Webradios will automatically under the internet radio option in the MP101.

Also, the number after the word #EXTINF:### in the template, is aleatory, you can put your own sequence..

Hope this helps. Peace!


Re: Netgear MP101 & Twonky

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:19 am
by OJTwonky
Hi There,

Here is the template for a playlist in .M3U with web radios that I mentioned on my previous post. Pretty straight forward...

#EXTINF:-1,Som do Brasil
#EXTINF:-1, Brasil
#EXTINF:-1,Ritmo Brasil
#EXTINF:-1,Sky FM (Bossa Nova, Jazz)
#EXTINF:-1,Crazy Banana

happy listening :mrgreen: