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townky, eva2000, sony bravia

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:08 am
by desimoviebuff
I bought an eva2000 hoping all my streaming issues will get sorted out. unfortunately it did not help. after going thru several forums, felt twonky will solve the issues. i downloaded townky and here is the situation.

my eva2000 is recogonised by twonky, i can see twonky on eva2000. but when i try to access it says can not connect to server. at times it just displays no Media server found, and here is the strange part, i actually got it to work a couple of times.
my configuration is as below.

Cable modem internet connection connected to Corega router.
from router wired connection to eva2000, sony bravia kdl-40f1.
wireless connections to 2 laptops. one Japnese OS win xp home, and another ubuntu 9.1
yet another wireless connections to a desktop (located one floor below) connected wirelessely (USB dongle)

twonky (downloaded today latest version)

can some one guide me on why it is behaving erratically

PS: firewall allows twonky. i also have norton antivirus on the machine with twnoky server.