Help with newbie's ReadyNAS Duo

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Help with newbie's ReadyNAS Duo

Post by NaughtyKnight » Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:47 am

Hi all,

I'm just after some simple advice. I'm getting a nice, new ReadyNAS duo from santa, and I want to use it to stream music to my MP101 and Video to my Xbox 360.

Can anyone advise me of the following things (please!)....

1. What versions of Twonky do I need (server or manager or both). Do I even need Twonky with the Duo - will the onboard software work? I guess I need twonky for the MP101.

2. How do I install Twonky onto the ReadyNAS Duo? Do I download the latest version, or is there a Netgear NAS version for the duo? I've got an old NSLU2 which I unslung a few years ago, and I remember that being a tricky blighter to get running correctly, so I have a little experience, but I'd like some advice in simple terms.

Thanks in advance (have a happy christmas!).

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