ReInstall problems on NSLU2

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ReInstall problems on NSLU2

Post by falk » Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:11 pm


After a new harddrive installlation i needed til reinstall Twonkymedia. How ever it is not possible for the installer to connect to the NSLU2 anymore, but i have no problems logging on to the nslu2 with a telnet client... My firewall has been shut down..

Any suggestions?

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Post by 2b » Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:08 pm


i just downloaded the trial version for the nslu. i encountered similar issues. The nassetup did not find the nslu IP (so it claimed) the steps i took was

1. ping the nslu to confirm it was ok and running
2. ensured telnet was enabled from the nslu managemt www ( i run unslung)
3. using putty i telneted to the nslu -> result ok
4. ... an alternative is to start->run-cmd and from the dos prompt issue: telnet IP_address_of_NSLU
5. execute nassetup -> with an aborted installation due to not finding the nslu2
6. as a next step I looked in the log file and noticed that a HTTP server was running in the installation process ....
7. Next step i looked at the nasinstaller script -> i noticed the wget commands
8. the conclusion i draw was that files were transfered using hhtp (using wget) as part of the installation process

-----> which actually solved MY problem ....

I had earlier changed the http port of the nslu2 httpd due to running my own gallery / mediawiki from the slug ....

9. solution (in my particular case) was therefore to change the listening port of the nslu http server back to 80!!!


1.administration menu
2. system
3. Enable UPnP Support
Port number for HTTP (Web Browser) connections to this server:

For whats it worth, it solved my issues. the trial version installed flawlessly after that! It is now running on my system



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