twonky and firefly on NSLU2?..

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twonky and firefly on NSLU2?..

Post by smallspeed » Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:54 pm

Hi, firstly im not much of a computer expert; i followed the how-to's on various sites and managed to "unsling my slug" and install twonky, which is superb; its sending video pictures and music to my xbox360 and music to my soundbridge.. after tomorrows xbox360 firmware update which brings with it support for divx and avi playback my life will be complete.. ..almost!

I would really like to install firefly on my nslu2 as i have a mac with itunes and an ipod, and having my mp3 library stored on my mac aswell seems a bit redundant..

I have read one article on the web (think it was this forum) where someone installed twonky with firefly on an nslu2 so they could do both jobs (itunes server, plus file server for xbox/soundbridge) but I didnt have much details, so I decided to just give it a go..

I installed firefly as per instructions and everything went well, except the output from firefly (when I did the process check through telnet) gave me loads of links to twonky folders and things which isnt what I was expecting.. So I tried logging into the firefly web interface and it didnt know the location.. also when I tried the process to check if it was running again it didnt understand the command..

I know this isnt necessarilly the place to ask questions about firefly, but I hope someone might be able to help me; is there some configuration I need to do in twonky to allow firefly to run? have I done something really stupid? or am i attempting the impossible?..

I would really appreciate any input as please remember Im not a computer genius like most of you guys so step by step instructions would be a great help!..


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