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Twonky connection disapearing

Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 10:39 pm
by edutek
I am running an unslung nslu2 with the latest linksys, linux, and twonky media sw (V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.10-beta, tm 4.4.5) connected to an Actiontec mi424wr router (also running the latest version).
I have my nslu2 unslung to a 1 gig flash card on disk 1 and a 500 gig hd on disk 2.
I can access the TwonkMedia Config & 500 gig drive with no issues and can play my movies, pisc, or music to my hearts content through my HP Media Smart TV or my sons X-Box 360 via 500 gig hd.
My issue is anytime i try and copy files to the 500 gig drive, as soon as i get about 10-20% complete (for example when I copy 1 gig VOB files) the Twonky Media server disconnects (in other words disappears from my system and becomes unavailable or unaccessible).
I get a server not found message and cannot access via the normal "" link.
Pressing the power button on the nslu2 will not shut the unit down and i am forced to restart via disconnecting the power lead.
BTW, initially during file transfer i see the ethernet LED and Disc 2 LED (ext 500 gig drive location) flashing as to indicate that the file transfer process is occurring, then the flashing stops, except for an occasional ethernet LED flashing. All the LEDs do remain lit though, even after the server becomes unavailable.
One other fact; i logged into my Actiontec router and do get a successfull PING result for the NSLU2, even though i cannot access the server by going to the ip address.
Hopefully someone has experienced this issue and can may point me in the right direction!

Re: Twonky connection disapearing

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 7:15 am
by Schlitz
sorry, I can only confirm this problem. It's the same with my TwonkyMedia on NSLU2.
I would also be very happy about possible solutions.

Re: Twonky connection disapearing

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 4:37 pm
by edutek
Thanks for backing me up Schlitz.
I do have some new info and don't know for sure if it is related, but the problem has disappeared (for now).
Within a couple hours of posting this I started looking at my routers MTU setting (auto - 1500) to see if this might be the issue.
When I ran some tests against the NSLU2 via ping -f -l xxxx (where XXXX is my mtu val) and decided to decrease the vl on the router to 1472 instead of auto (1500).
Almost immediately after making the change and restarting both the Actiontec router and NSLU2 I could no longer boot from my external 1g flash card on disk 1. I tried everything and although the NSLU2 Disk 1 LED would illuminate, the flash card LED itself would only iluminate for a brief time and go out. Looking at the NSLU2 disk info screen in the web interface revealed that Disk 1 was now showing unformatted. I tried reformatting and several other things with no luck. It seems as though my 1 gig flash card took a dump.
I ended up installing a 2 gig flash card, formatted it to ext3 and proceeded to unsling to it. Then installed twonkymedia to it.
Afterwards i copied a couple 1gig VOB files to my 500g hard drive (disk 2) and had no issue. I am not convinced it is fixed yet, since I would occasionally be able to successfully copy files with no disconnection of the server.

Hopefully someone with more exp than i can help sort some of this out.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Twonky connection disapearing

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 3:54 pm
by edutek
Well I still have the issue of the Server Disappearing from the network while transferring files.
Anybody out there who can help???