constant disc/stick access

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constant disc/stick access

Post by jan_1923 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:15 pm


after quite some time of flawless working, about 4 months ago my Twonky 4.4
running from a WD myBook (home) hard disk attached to an NSLU2 under Unslung5.5,
stopped spinning down the disk. Due to increase of used space i decided some days
ago that it is time to enlarge the disk. I also thought that the disk never spinning
down had something to do with the increasingly smaller space on the old disk...

So went out, got a new hard disk (WD essential 500GB - good thing - cheap, silent, spins down !),
and after two nights efforts got the new twonky 4.4.6 running on an USB-stick attached to port1
of the NSLU2 that runs now under Unslung6.1. Hard disk is attached to port2 and nicely
spins down when not needed.

What a little worries me is the fact that there seems to be a constant access
(flickering LED every 2s) onto the stick aka port1. This at the end will destroy the stick
and would keep a disk from spin down....

Did someone observe this behaviour as well ?
Can maybe someone give some guidance to find out what is accessing the stick and how
to stop it from doing this ?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


PS: The clients are two MP101, one Freecom Musicpal and two PCs

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