Cannot save TwonkyConfig, random freezes

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Cannot save TwonkyConfig, random freezes

Post by ulimaass » Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:23 am

I have set up my NSLU2 and unslunged it successfully to Drive2 (which is a 8GB USB-stick). Installed Twonky successfully.
Going to the Twonbky config, I can set language and sharing directories and save that config.
However, after restarting the TwonkyServer, all my config is gone (e.g. the selected directories are gone).

How can I check to which drive the config file is written (as my assumption is that the config file is tried to be stired in the flash but should go to Disk2)

In addition, I experience those random freezes, both for the NSLU-config as for the Twonky config - any access hangs for 10-15 sec, then continues as if nothing had happened. Also, the processing speed varies a lot - sometimes, choosing directories for sharing is fast, sometimes going to next level takes several seconds).

I'm very close to dropping the approach of using NSLU2+Twonky - can anyone prevent me from this step by providing the miracle solution? ;-)

Thanx in advance, Uli

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Re: Cannot save TwonkyConfig, random freezes

Post by fredrick » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:12 pm

I get the same issue with the config not saving when the server restarts, I am using the Linksys 610N duel radio router.

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