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mediaserver go's down on NSLU2

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:49 pm
by jotsch

I have a problem with twonky-media and unslung 6.1.

Installing twonky-media was fine.
After scanning among 16000 mp3 twonky go's down with the following messages:
21:13:34:124 LOG_HTTP:HTTP_accept HTTP server terminated at
21:13:34:124 LOG_SYSTEM:upnp_server_stop Server stopping at
21:13:34:125 LOG_HTTP:HTTP_accept HTTP server terminated at
21:13:34:126 LOG_SYSTEM:upnp_server_stop Server terminated
21:13:34:123 LOG_SSDP:SSDPheartbeat SSDP heartbeat stopped for
21:13:36:771 filescanner thread terminated

the config-page shows:
Servertyp: TwonkyMedia
Belegter Speicher: 3808 KB
Maximal für den Server verfügbarer Speicher: 30000
Konfigurationsdatei: /share/hdd/data/HDD_1_1_1/twonkyvision/twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini
Letzte Änderung: .
Musikstücke: 13282
Bilder: 0
Videos: 0
Radiostationen: 0
After restart it is always the same.
I tryed start scanning mp3-files on an other location, but the same problem.
media-dir and twonky installation are on the same hdd.

Has anyone an idea what's wrong ? :?:


Re: mediaserver go's down on NSLU2

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:38 pm
by jotsch
I have a particular success.

when I split my directory tree in pieces < 300 subdirs, twonkymedia scans much more files.

Has anyone the same problem or "feature" :? ?