playlists on wrt160nl

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playlists on wrt160nl

Post by hanzi » Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:35 am


I have a problem with the twonkymediaserver on wrt160nl.
A USB-disk with music and playlists is connected to the wrt.
The mediaserver plays the music fine, but the playlists do not appear.
Twonky on my PC or on the LaCie can handle these playlists.

If I take a look at the folders on the disk during the scanning proces, files named "filescanx.import.playlist" appear. When I look in these files, I see these are my playlists, only the path of the entries is changed to an inernal pathname (i.e. prefixed with /foreign_shares/sda1).

So it seems the mediaserver recognises my playlists and even processes them, but they do not appear.
It seems like the wrt is deliberatly ignoring these lists.

is there anyone who got lists working on a wrt160nl?


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Re: playlists on wrt160nl

Post by etaf » Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:07 pm

i would also be interested in playlist on a linksys router wag320N - see this post ... 471#p27471
I have also posted on the linksys forum ... 253#M10253

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