File & track names not recognised

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File & track names not recognised

Post by JeremyP99 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:29 pm

By folder view (my main view)

This is driving me mad. I have an album for which I have

a) renamed the file names so that they are numerically ordered

01 What do you want
02 How green is my valley
03 Blue skies

and so on.

B) titles are created the same.

Neither title nor filename are recognised, and the tracks are listed alphabetically.

I then deleted the titles, as the docs say that if there is no title, the file name is used.

The titles are still listed alphabetically.

Blue Skies
How green is my valley
What do you want.

No - there are not duplicate copies of the album.

This happened on 8.2.0 and now in the update. Rescans and restarts make no difference.

PLEASE fix this!

Win10 Pro x64 up to date.

This is REALLY annoying me, so much so I am looking for another server to use.

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