Unblocking Sites and Apps and Securing Browsing on Windows

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Unblocking Sites and Apps and Securing Browsing on Windows

Post by kavancjarett » Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:57 pm

Following the news lately? All of you must know by now how censorship and geo-restriction has plagued the world wide web today and a lot of countries are now blocking sites and apps. needless to mention are Netflix US and UK which have other reasons to be so prized. Then there's data snooping and spying. These are just some of the issues that have kind of forced the users to seek decent alternatives with which they can stream the web safely.

There are other reasons too why people need something like a VPN now and those include:

bypassing ISP throttling
unblocking HBO Go and other apps
unblock social media in some nations
protecting and securing some transactions

among others

so with that said, if you have been seeking the web for some hacks and workarounds, Ivacy VPN is one of them. You can use this VPN to encrypt everything, and unblock any site, app or streaming service. The best part is that they're dirt cheap and their -year sub, which is also known as lifetime VPN, that plan is like at just 60 bucks right now. So do give that a go if you ever consider that option.

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