Issues with my Twonky Vision/Media

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Issues with my Twonky Vision/Media

Post by SnakeEyes4 » Sun Jul 22, 2007 7:00 pm

I'm having issues with my Twonky Vision/Media...

I downloaded the 30 day trial (Twonky Media 4.3) maybe a 1-2 months back,but never got a chance to get the license for the registered until yesterday..I bought the license key and entered it into the 4.3 License Key section, but didn't know it was different version until after I entered it...

Well, all of a sudden, as soon as I select the "Run Twonky" , I get to the Configuration page, and after a few seconds, it tells me "TwonkyVision.exe has encountered a problem and must shut down".

I never had a problem before...I paid my $$ to get the license and now I don't know if this thing will work...

I un-installed and re-installed the 4.4 version program, but it keeps on showing my trial version has expired for 4.3 and showing the location of the media server..

Is there a way I can remove everything and start from scratch where it doesn't recognize where everything's at and can utililze the program??


Snake Eyes

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