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No Service after PC comes back from standby

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:22 pm
by cactus-online
My Twonky is running as a service on a XP box. And where is stange behaviour. Somtimes (not every time, but often) the Twonky is not shown in the list of media servers in my local network.

If I try to connect the server by using the link on the desktop (C:\Programme\TwonkyMedia\TwonkyMedia.exe) which normally connects me to the WebGUI, the connect fails. If I close the browser, wait few seconds, and try again to use the link, it works as expected.

I hope, someone can give me a hint. I expect no response from Twonky, because we all paid for the software but get no support from Twonky. Never I heard from Twonky in the past, if I had questions or problems.