Internet Radio - Server doesn't provide any station at all ?

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Internet Radio - Server doesn't provide any station at all ?

Post by zaphood » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:15 pm

Hi there,

running Twonky Server 4.4.9 / 4.4.11 on a Windows 2003 Server Box (32bit/ en). Client is a Phillips Streamium SL400i

Everything worked flawlessly up and until last week. Then the server stopped providing internet radio stations.
The SL400i still shows the "Internet Radio" in the menue, but the list is empty.
Within the Web-interface, it shows "0 Radio Stations".

What I did so far:
- Rebuild the index
- Disabled and enabled the Internet Radio Support (this has helped with some older versions of Twonky, which also lost the radio stations occasionally)
- Rebooted the server
- Uninstalled Twonkey and upgraded to 4.4.11
- Uninstalled and upgraded to 5.0
- Gone back to 4.4.11, as 5. is veeeeery slow and hangs up the websession (besides that, it also didn't find any radio stations).

Internet is working fine, the streamium is playing my local MP3 files well. It is just that no internet radion station can be found, whatever I do...

Any ideas what happened here ?

Thanks & kind regards


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