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Message "cannot create object" on upload

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:22 pm
by jers1
Hi all

I installed a test-system with twonky 6.0.38 on a Gentoo system to support our institutes information-display (Samsung UE46C6200 TV-set) and to substitute the belonging Windows-software.

As far I've tested the streaming etc. works fine. So the underlaying directory structure is used.

But I face following problem:
If I try to upload a new video (pics and music as well) using the web frontend I get the message "cannot create object" .
Although I set the logging level to debug I don't get any information in the logfile bout that issue.
I googled a lot but didn't find others having the same problem. It may be a problem of my config but there's also very rudimentary documentation concerning the ini file. On the other hand streaming works fine. So my config can't be the worst. The videos I stream I've uploaded with scp.

Any suggestions ? If wanted I can upload my config.

Best wishes

Heiko Schellhorn

Bremen University -- Inst. of. Env. Pysics