TwonkyServer 7.0.9 Linux builds are now ready for download!

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TwonkyServer 7.0.9 Linux builds are now ready for download!

Post by Twonky_Rick » Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:44 pm

I'm pleased to announce that the TwonkyServer 7.0.9 for Linux is now ready for download here:

What’s New in TwonkyServer v7.0.9

Bug fixes
· Fixed the ‘Autostart’ option for TwonkyServer
· Fixed a problem where Web UI of the server stops responding when attempting to
load photo thumbnails
· Fixed a bug for broken web-browse when using Firefox

What’s New in TwonkyServer v7.0.8

New Features
· Preserve settings when installing a newer TwonkyServer version is now possible.

· Increased the response time behavior of the server
· Added a notification for updates from Twonky 6 to Twonky 7 where to find the license
· Improved interoperability with Netgear EVA91x0
· Improved response time for internal and external IP addresses.
· Thumbnails in web-browse are links to the media item now.
· Improved handling of the friendly name which is now visible on the web config

Bug fixes
· Fixed a bug for MP3 files that were tagged with ID3 v.2.3.0
· Fixed a bug where no new user for sync (WebDAV) could be created
· Fixed timeseek on images. This is not done any longer.
· Fixed path traversal issue that was also present in the WebDAV server (DDIVRT-
2012-40: PacketVideo TwonkyServer and TwonkyMedia Directory Traversal)
· Fixed a bug where 'undefined' nodes appeared when one or two content types (e.g.
Music and Photos) are missing
· Fixed a bug for language setting changes in the trayapp
· Fixed a bug when part of the settings pages weren't accessible when Adblock-plus
plugin was installed on Firefox
· Fixed a bug where thumbnails for containers were missing
· Fixed a problem for embedded album art in FLAC files
· Fixed a problem for default album art
· Fixed problems for special characters in friendly name. Apostrophe (') should be
avoided even from the users.
· Fixed a bug for username/password that wasn't shown on the settings pages
· Fixed a problem for Safari where pop-up windows were blocked when the user tried
to register the server.
· Fixed a problem for thumbnail display
· Added C:\Program files (x86) to the blacklisted directories
· Fixed a problem with the default friendly name of the server.
· Unified album art usage and display for locale my library view and for view
· Translation updates for the Sync-Setting page
· Fixed a problem where license keys couldn't be correctly pasted (MAC/Safari)
· Mac: Fixed a problem for playlist. They no longer get corrupted when edited by the
· PS3: Fixed a problem for album art
· Fixed a bug where the Sync pages weren't displayed correctly when using Firefox on
a Linux system

- Rick
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