Update: Ubuntu local access works - but web access problems

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Update: Ubuntu local access works - but web access problems

Post by fja » Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:20 pm


I've installed TwonkyVision (4.4.6) on my Ubuntu based NAS. Works like a charm when accessing from local LAN :D - but no access when accessed from internet :?
NAT port-forward configured in firewall (x.x.x.x:9100) - and tested and found open with using port scanner.
OK now - was probably related to firewall issue from work (from where i did first test)

After some fidling access on port 9100 works from LAN as well as port 9000 - but on access I'm prompted for username and password. It seems it is related to access rights - but what to look for..
this is now true for webaccess also - that is: prompt for user and password! And only user / pw set in .ini file works - no anonymous access...

Media files are placed in a library where public rights are set to 'read' - and all are fully accessible from Denon AV reciever as well as from pc's.

I've tested all sort of combinations of parameters in ini-file with no luck. Question: do I really need to register with dyndns - og can I set a fixed-IP value like: 'http://x.x.x.x:9100' ??
answer found - fixed IP is OK

Can somebody please point me in the right direction ... I still do not understand the access right setup and problems... :cry:


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Re: Update: Ubuntu local access works - but web access problems

Post by twonky » Tue Dec 09, 2008 7:24 pm

Did you perform a simple test such as accessing a web page on the same server? Start httpd, and add portmapping to your router for port 80 and see if you can access your machine using a web broweser, if you do not have a web page setup you will get the default page that comes with your Linux distribution.

Once you have confirmed that works you can try to debug your twonkymedia setup. Something to watch out for is that some ISPs block certain ports, you can test the ports you want to use by moving your http server to that port and see if you can get through (assuming you were able to test successfully with your web server).

Also I'd suggest you use ssh to connect to your home server. TO do that you can use port forwarding feature of ssh. I use ssh to connec to my home server for vnc etc. Works great. Check out the documentation on ssh for that.

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