LOG_EVENTING:upnp_eventing_set_system_changed( 1 )

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LOG_EVENTING:upnp_eventing_set_system_changed( 1 )

Post by Selti » Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:09 am

Hello together,
if I look into my TwonkyServer log I see millions of those entries and they arrive in the log faster than i can scroll down...

Whats wrong?

System is Ubuntu 9.10 and TMS is 5.1.2


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Re: LOG_EVENTING:upnp_eventing_set_system_changed( 1 )

Post by yDdraigGoch » Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:11 pm

This one is killing me too
I have full listing in TMS Web Interface but on 'clients' ( Laptop, PC & PS3 ) only 30% of mp3's listed.
Checked log for clues and found same
Would love to know what they are/mean.

23:51:23:008 LOG_EVENTING:upnp_eventing_set_system_changed( 1 )
23:51:23:011 [Error] - LOG_HTTP: HTTP_open: Failed to connect to ip= on port=9030

Installed TMS v5.1.2 on MBWE Blue Ring NAS
Seemed silly to start new thread in NAS as its a linux based system after all so answer will be relevant :)

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