Start TwonkyServer 7.05 at boot without a user logging in

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Start TwonkyServer 7.05 at boot without a user logging in

Post by McTrinsic » Thu May 03, 2012 9:47 pm

Hi all,

I am using TwonkyServer on a Lion OS X 10.7.3 Server quite happily.

It serves my music and photos and to some extend also videos, though I seem to miss the transcoding option.

For the time being, I can live without the transcoding of videos and dont need transcoding of audio files.

But I would like to start TwonkyServer as a service without logging into my server.

Right now i have to setup a user to log into the server and have twonky be an autostart-item for that user.

Since this is discouraged, I created a .plist to start TwonkyServer at boot and start the .plist with launchctl.

So far so good, TwonkyServer gets executed during boot - but won't work and will ony start after log in.

The system logs reports the following issue with regards to TwonkyServer:

"Untrusted apps are not allowed to connect to or launch Window Server before login"

Any chance to fix this??

Usually, this is caused by apps relying on GUI elements.


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Re: Start TwonkyServer 7.05 at boot without a user logging i

Post by Twonky_Rick » Thu May 03, 2012 11:19 pm

Thanks for reporting this. I'll pass it on to our engineers and let you know if they have any comments or suggestions.

As far as transcoding goes, I think that TwonkyServer 6.0 works. Here are some suggestions about Windows setup, but there are some Mac comments as well near the bottom. ... 714#p22749

I don't have updated notes for TS 7.0, but I think Phibertron posted about this in the TwonkyServer section.

- Rick
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