Music Cutting Off on PS3

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Music Cutting Off on PS3

Post by nsainfreek » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:53 am

I posted this on the main mediaserver forum but thought I'd try here since it's Mac specific. I got my twonkymedia server working between my imac and my Ps3, but when I try to play music it would play for a while and then cut off and bring me back to the main ps3 screen. I was on wireless so I figured it may be a bandwidth issue but the problem persists even when I have the network hard wired. Anyone have this issue or ideas on how to resolve it?

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Post by scstraus » Wed Jun 06, 2007 2:00 pm

I'm having the same problem. On the faq it lists this about a phillips box that has the same problem. My problem is that I'm using Apple Airports and they have no options about UDP mulicasting. I'm not going to change my routers, I like them. And they pass all sorts of other strange protocols, like NAS, RAS, and Rondezvous, so I would imagine UDP multicast is not a problem...?

"This device is connected wireless and has some problems with different networking infrastructure. In most cases the problem is fixed by changing the wireless access point (router), e.g. it is known that Zyxel router do not work good with this device, but SMC works.

You may also try and check if it is a UDP multicast problem - multicast packets need to be forwarded by the router. Please change the upnptimeout in the .ini file to 36000 (upnptimeout=360000) to check if the time until the client disconnects can be extended. If changing this value has influence on the client disconnection, than the router is not capable of forwarding multicast packets and can not work in a UPnP environment."

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