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Video settings (ffmpeg?) to convert video for PS3 streaming?

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:44 pm
by blkdog7
I am using ffmpegx to convert some divx movies into a format that the PS3 will understand and stream from Twonky. I was choosing the mpeg 1 setting with mp3 audio and it almost works. I can get the video to show up but it tears at the bottom (the video is like cut in half, the bottom is scrolling left and right and the top looks fine! ODD!) and I get no audio.

What settings should I be using in ffmpegx for audio and video for movie conversion so the PS3 can properly display it from Twonky?

Or, can someone recommend a better app for encoding video on the Mac??

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:08 am
by srammij
I would highly recommend Visual Hub for converting any already existing files you have... .avi, mp2, mov, wmv... etc. to mp4. They actually just updated it today, and it says it has a PS3 tab... haven't tried it yet... but if it says its there... then it most likely works. These guys are good and making things work right. This program costs $23 and it's well worth every penny. I use it for so many things. You can't crack it either... so if you're serious about converting everything... and you have a lot, just buy it.

If you want to rip stuff straight from a dvd... use Handbrake. The new version also has a PS3 preset tab which i have used and it works great.. although it tends to make the file sizes a bit high, so i play with the bitrate a little to get it just right... and the best part is it's free...

I just checked out the latest Visual Hub... it says it has support for PS3 in regards to the HiDef setting. The thing is... the MP4's you make with it work on the PS3, just not through Twonky, not unless you select AppleTV under the iTunes tab... pick H264 and click advanced and type -level 40 in the Extra ffmpeg flags box.

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:46 pm
by srammij
I tried out the latest update for Visual Hub. In 1.23 in order to get video to play to the PS3 through twonky, you had to select itunes appletv H264 and add the -level 40. Now you can just select MP4 and the H264 and it works. VisualHub 1.24