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new to the boards...and have a common problem and common Q?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 12:23 pm
by tsedani
I downloaded the trial software, and whlie i can stream video fine, and my photos decenty, with the exception of some....(which isn't a big deal to me) I really want to strem my itunes library. How far off are we before i can do this? I am hoping soon, because i used to have a 360 and used 360 connect, and it worked flawlessly, i just hope soon this software will be on par with that in terms of mac > PS3.... Just didn't know if anyone has any info on new releases/rumors/any other info. Just very eager to get back to listening to music in my living room thats stored on my mac and listening to it on my surround sound system. Phsically copying my library to the ps3 is not an optiion, because i like to stream my current library, and only want one digital library of music. Great forum, and great product, and nice to meet everyone. :)