How do you make Music Play list?

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How do you make Music Play list?

Post by Bruiser » Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:42 am

Is there a way to create a playlist for music. All I see is Most played and Last Played.

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Post by jwm » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:14 pm

From the developer site:
Playlist files are much simpler. These files are line based (terminated by a line feed).
They only contain the info where the server shall sort this playlist in (note: each of these keywords starts a new playlist):

sorted in under music -> playlists
sorted in under music -> Internet Radio
sorted in under video

In addition the following (optional) info can be provided:

* #CDIR:
This playlist belongs to a specific content directory - remove it when this content directory is no longer part of the server settings.
* #NAME:
Use this name for display. If the name entry is missing a name is generated by the server from the playlist file name.
* "#FILE:
This playlist has a 1:1 relation to a file in the file system. If the file is changed/removed update this playlist.
This playlist was last modified at the given time. This is usefull if one playlist import file contains a number of playlists from different sources.
Use the specified default extension on the files listed in the playlist. This is used if there are mainly URLs listed in the playlist and it is not possible to get the related mime type for a URL - e.g. if there are URLs to mpeg videos, but the URLs do not end on .mpg, than set the default extension to .mpg

After all this meta info for a playlist the items follow in the order they should be listed later by the server. Each item can have an option preceeding line specifying a title (#TITLE) and the next line specifies either a filename or a URL for the content location.
A typical playlist file starts like this:
#TITLE:WASU: WASU College Station ... lename.pls
#TITLE:drift [sc] ... lename.pls

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