Quicktime MOV / MP4 on PS3

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Quicktime MOV / MP4 on PS3

Post by rzanerutledge » Mon Nov 26, 2007 8:35 pm

So... I've figured out that to show up and play as a supported format, one must export Apple Quicktime h264 MOV files as MPEG4s. Clearly there is something about the MP4 wrapper that makes an h264 MOV look like an MP4 instead... But since you can clearly export these with "pass-through" enabled, there obviously isn't much different between the two. (The bulk of the video data is clearly the same, the "wrapper" is just different.)

My question: couldn't there be some way to serve up the original h264 MOV that would make it look like a true MP4? Is the API for Twonky capable of providing this, should some clever programmer sort out the difference, or is this not an accessible part of the whole DLNA pipeline?

I'm just wondering whether there'd be a way to avoid having to convert every Apple h264 movie into yet another "Sony" h264(AVC) movie with the same data in it.


P.S. Loving Twonky even though this one detail kinda irks me. If Apple QuickTime MOVs could play, it'd all be a breeze...

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