Zyxel DMA-1000W: server doesn't show up

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AV Hardware: Zyxel DMA-1000W

Zyxel DMA-1000W: server doesn't show up

Post by weder » Tue May 13, 2008 11:15 am


I'm using a Zyxel DMA-1000W against a Mac (10.5.2 with all latest patches). The Mac shares it's internet connection connected via Ethernet using Airport. Thus, the Zyxel connects wirelessly to the Mac.

I have the problem that my TwonkyMedia server doesn't show up in the list of servers. When I click on the "Servers" menu on the Zyxel, the device says "Starting server..." and continues to do so endlessly. If I abort this, I get an empty server list. Also, the icon in the bottom right corner always tells me that no server has been found.

Is connecting via Mac's Internet Sharing unsupported? Is it any different then connecting over a wireless router? It seems to me that the Mac is acting as router when sharing its Internet connection and acts as Wireless/Airport base station.

I somehow managed briefly to get the server to appear some time ago, but that never worked again. I could watch some videos I had downloaded, but no photos and music files showed up.

Also one other oddity I noted is that the twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini file ends up on my desktop instead of /Applications/Mediaserver.app/MediaServer. I had to manually move it there. This could be a problem with permissions on Mac.

Thanks for any help.

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