Is there a limit to songs in iTunes in Twonky?

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Is there a limit to songs in iTunes in Twonky?

Post by toshy » Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:11 am

I'm new to Twonky and have installed it on an Intel iMac. I'm using it to create an upnp server for my internet radio, which sees my mac and iTunes files but only about 5000 of them as opposed to the 10200 songs listed in itunes. Is there a limit to the number of songs twonky can make available.

Also, there is a huge list of names of songs with strange names which has appeared in iTnes. If I double click one of these it jumps to a song in my Library and starts o play it through the computer. I guess this is a link used by Twonky, but is there a way of hiding these files in the iTunes window? I thought these files (which are roughly half the number of files listed by iTunes as being in the Library) were possibly being qrongly counted by iTunes, but I am still missing some songs on my internet radio list.


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Re: Is there a limit to songs in iTunes in Twonky?

Post by ireval » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:11 am

To answer your question no, Twonky does not have a limit to the amount of songs you can have (I have 69,000 songs) What there is a limit to is the format, if the formats are not the ones that Twonky reads or see's then you'll have a problem. Make sure the formats are the ones the the Media Server can read.

Well i would first say make sure your TwonkyMedia Server is up to date the latest version is 5.1.1
Prior to downloading and installing the above version make sure that you delete the previous version FULLY
Or you'll run into problems, also make sure that before installing you empty your cache from your internet browser.

From there Rebuild the database and make sure that the sharing locations are where your files are located.

This should work, for the duplications of files don't look in the look in the music folder

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