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Setup help

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:16 pm
by mattj

Running Twonky with my Mac & PS3 , I see to have a LOT of folder duplication thats annoying Ive got it so that Ive a folder for Music , Photo, and Movies which goes off to a HDD in my MAcpro. I seem to get an All folder as well as My own movies folder,... its just annoying.

Can anyone help with the Streaming Buffer Size , Ive some stuttering on MP4's ( yet AVI's are ok ) from the Ps3 so have upped the buffer size .. still no joy yet any comments welcome on this. Does this make a diff for this or am I just adjusting something for nothing

Im keen to look at purchasing this SW as the other OSX media servers are not 100%


Re: Setup help

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:00 am
by ireval
It depends how your streaming your data, it it's wirelessly then you'll have buffer, and you wrote that AVI files are a perfect stream? That could be because the file is not at the same quality or size as the MP4's. Remember iTunes and all other  products (Apple TV) use MP4's because of the HD -> High Definition quality.

To better answer your question, it all depends on the size of the files. You can use quick time to make them (Internet stream-able) and you can choose the bandwidth you want it to maintain as a consistency.

PS You need Quicktime Pro for this wo work, If on Snow Leopard you do not just open the movie in Quicktime X and allow it to export as iTunes or iPhone/iPod Touch format. That should be able to the trick.

If not on Snow Leopard You can use Quicktime but probably needs PRO, maybe you can search for a a free APP that allows you to convert. . .

Hope this helps!!!