Installed Server and see on PS3, but cannot manage on web

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Installed Server and see on PS3, but cannot manage on web

Post by stopthelag » Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:40 pm

Any thoughts?

There are no files to select on the PS3.
But when I go to I get nothing. I do not think the web service is even running. I am a IT manager for networks, so I understand networks, but this is for my mother who uses MAC running 10.4, which I have zero experience with. I do not know how to stop the program or restart it or anything.

Or how do I uninstall and reinstall it perhaps?

Anyone can give me some help will be appreciated.



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Re: Installed Server and see on PS3, but cannot manage on web

Post by ireval » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:21 am

Hey Jim,
To un-install do this Go here->
/Macintosh HD/ Users/ Application Support/ TwonkyMedia Delete that folder along with the in
/Macintosh HD/Applications/

If you do not want to delete it and try to make it work,
Empty the Cache in your web browser
Then logout log back in and try to re-open the application in the application folder
You should be able to manage the server from there. Looks like you have the right IP and URL
Make sure you have the latest version of Twonky 5.1.1

Once your in, on your left side of the browser window is a list click on First step and name the server,
Then go to Media Sharing and see what is being shared (Make sure they are folders that have information or files in them)
Lastly make sure the Machines you want to connect to are on and running on the same network and let twonky find them (Does it automatically)

Hope this helps!!

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