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Post by odingrey » Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:29 pm

I left in before Christmas. It's a new year. So I am trying again. Between the instructions between PDF and the quick install guide and to do it step one by one. My Sony receiver has four HDMI inputs, one is for my DVD, my cable is plugged in for composite video and audio for satellite( Cable) and CD player. So the cable is fine to watch. One HDMI is plugged in for my DVD player and that's fine. So with three more inputs for HTMI it should be one of the HTMI. The one output for HTMI is for the TV. Right now everything is unplugged and turned off.
Step one, connect to your TV i.e. receiver.
So step two, plug-in the power supply
Step three, turn on your TV,
step 4, complete the installation Wizard. use their remote control to set up the Lacinema black player. Press the okay button to confirm your selection and us stop button to go to the previous selection.
Step 5, Set up network connection, once installing is complete, you can connect the Lacie black player play to your home network. and then I lose it. It works for my computer(Mac) but I can't use my TV. it only says unsupported. Over the years I've installed the full theater systems for homes from den rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. these are fairly simple installments, no computers. Basically electrician systems. turn on turnoff and volume. And the main receiver makes the details. It's the same thing for security systems.
Again that I said, I know I'm missing something very simple
I'm going to try again, push the button to reset and try again. The one question I'm not sure, because when I got the player and I installed the CD software; when i install the player, do you install the software after the player and then to the settings or download the software before I install the player.
I would hope somebody could tell me what I have to do
Les. PS. it would be very helpful if somebody could e-mail me and that I could do it again and do it step by 123. I know some of the instructions for the various things there a lot of things that pro engineers leave out some of the obvious things. Engineers think that it's obvious for regular people, but that's not the case, regular people don't know. I.e. when I installed the player, does everything the turned off? Or plug in to the receiver for the HCMI and then and then use whatever remote control jack to use, because technically it's turned off until that you use it.
Again thanks

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Re: !@#$%^&*I

Post by teo » Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:07 pm

Is your TV is Sony Bravia?
If yes, than TMS does not support DLNA 1.5 and so unsupported by your TV.
Try homemediaserver (ru) or ps3 MS

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